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Yogurt: The Finest Brands

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  • Yogurt: The Finest Brands Available

Yogurt has been around forever, and for good reason: it tastes amazing. Although it has a reputation for being a relatively new food product, yoghurt has actually been around since the Neolithic Era and has been consumed by humans ever since. This means that yoghurt was consumed long before the concept of bacteria was even conceived of.

  • Let’s skip the boring backstory and get right to the top yoghurt brands on the market right now:
  • The Authentic Yoplait:Original Yoplait

Yoplait is an American yoghurt and dairy product manufacturer. Their signature flavour is what makes them famous, but they come in many other varieties as well. Since its inception in the 1960s, General Mills—a multinational food corporation present in more than 100 countries—has owned the Yoplait brand. Yoplait was one of the first companies to mass produce and sell yoghurt, and its presence in France dates back many decades.

  • Danone Activia
    And the winner is…Danone Activia!

It’s another French firm that has been around for over a century. Danone’s flagship product is the probiotic-rich Activia line of digestive health and wellness supplements. They, like Yoplait, offer an extensive selection of flavours, such as mango and chocolate banana pudding flavoured yoghurt. The company produces a variety of dairy items, including milk, cream cheese, and frozen desserts. Considering its size, it was previously owned by General Mills before being sold in 2007.

  • Yogurt from Stonyfield Farm

Organic yoghurt made from grass-fed cows is the specialty of Stonyfield Farm, a company based in the United States. The cows used to produce this dairy are grass-fed and have never been given any antibiotics or hormones, so you can rest assured that you’re getting a product with a clean bill of health. Their yoghurt has a distinctive flavour thanks to their organic farming practises, and it’s also widely praised for its silky smooth texture. The business was founded in the 1980s by Gary Hirshberg, a pioneer in the organic movement. Strawberry, blueberry, and peach are just a few of the more than 30 flavours of yoghurt that can now be found at Stonyfield Farm.

  • Chobani Greek Yogurt

In the last five years or so, Chobani Greek-style yoghurt has become immensely popular across the United States. Although it all began in the Big Apple, this yoghurt is now available virtually everywhere in the United States and is widely considered to be among the best-selling brands in the country. Customers can pick up a container of Chobani Greek yoghurt from the deli section of many supermarkets and have it for lunch or dessert later on the same day. Although the company produces a number of different flavours, their original plain flavour, which contains no sugar, remains their most popular option.

  • Greek Yogurt from Kroger

Kroger is an American supermarket chain in the middle price range, known for its wide selection of foods and groceries that includes yoghurt. Their Greek-style yoghurts are a best-seller, and you can find them in a wide variety of flavours at any Kroger store. Any craving can be satisfied, as the company offers both unflavored and flavoured options like chocolate fudge. It’s easy to see why they’ve been so successful in the US; their prices are typically lower than many other brands of comparable quality.

  • Greek Yogurt Liberté

While this French company produces some of the finest yoghurts available, its products remain largely unknown outside of Europe (and even their availability can be tough). During WWII, the company’s founder started making his own yoghurt because he couldn’t find any in foreign countries. They have grown into one of the most well-known French brands and ship their wares all over Europe and beyond. Liberté Greek Yogurt is one of the top-rated yoghurts in Europe, and if you haven’t tried it yet, you’re missing out.

  • Fage Greek Yogurt

Fage is another long-standing brand that makes Greek-style yoghurts, and it has been doing so for almost a century. Danone, a French dairy conglomerate that also owns Yoplait and Activia, is their current owner (both on this list). The company’s roots are in Greece, where its founders found early success producing yoghurt, cheese, and cream. Greek immigrants to the United States in the 1950s gave the company its first taste of international success. Because of its thick and creamy texture and robust flavour, Fage Greek Yogurt is now widely available across Europe and the United States.

  • Yogurt Muller, by Muller

Muller, like many other names on this list, is a European yoghurt specialist. However, it has been around for much longer than the others, at least in terms of years. It’s a German firm that has been around since 1842 and has always been run by the same family. Greek-style yoghurt and regular yoghurts, many of which are flavoured with fruit or other types of candy pieces, are produced by the company. It is one of the most well-known brands in Austria and Switzerland, where it has been sold since the beginning of time.

One of the best organic yoghurts out there is Fruitizz

American company : Fruitizz produces a variety of organic yoghurt flavours. They’re famous for their deliciousness and they only use natural ingredients. The company’s Greek and regular yoghurts are best sellers, but their blueberry, strawberry, and raspberry flavoured cups are also quite popular. Many people, especially parents, appreciate the convenience of Fruitizz’s fruit smoothies, which are made with a base of their yoghurt.

There you have it, the finest yoghurt manufacturers available right now. If you’re in the market for some new yoghurt, you’ll have a hard time deciding between the brands on this list. Ultimately, it comes down to your own preferences and the flavours that strike your fancy at the time. Greek-style yoghurt and organic food fans should give these ten brands careful consideration before settling on a favourite.


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